Friday, February 24, 2006

Flowers for anagram

We've been away for months now, immersed in numbers. No, it isn't that we've been preparing Ought Enterprises' financial statements for the taxman—rather, the sudoku (sometimes su doku) bug has bit us, hard.

Only trouble is, we're actually not that good at it. We had a spell of competence, filling in the grids provided in our local free daily paper. Then...we started making unforced errors. And it kept happening. The whole thing is very Flowers for Algernon.

The upshot is, not much wordplay in our brainpans these past weeks, save for what Oughties have come to know as "almost anagrams." That's right: Anagrams that don't quite work. Here are two. Can you send us more?

Mati Unt
(Estonian writer) ≠ titanium (element)

Montana (state) ≠ anatomy (field of study)